Do I do portraits?

I was asked twice this week if I do portraits, three times if you include the person who asked if would shoot her wedding, the answer to the wedding questions is no, however, when it comes to portraits the short answer is, yes, I do shoot portraits. I don't really advertise it simply because it has never really been a huge part of my business, but, in reality, I really enjoy shooting portraits. I especially enjoy photographing couples, families and children. My sessions tend to have a very loose, "go with the flow" feel to them. I like them to be a creatively collaborative effort. More importantly, we just have fun!

So, long story short, if this is a question you have been considering asking me, please, do not hesitate and just contact me right away! I would love to hear from you to start planning your portrait session! 

2017.. what a year!

2017 was a hell of a year. I left full-time employment to pursue this photography thing full-time. Still seems a little like a crazy thing to do, but so far so good. Because of this move I became a small business owner, I became a member of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association. Also, I partnered up with Tanya Lee Hervey, a fantastic local portrait photographer, to get the Greater Rochester Camera Club off the ground and I couldn't be prouder of what that has become.

As I look back over they year I can only be thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves and hopeful for those that will be coming in the new year to come.

Anyway, the images in the album below may not represent my so-called "best" images of the year, but they are my personal favorites. They include everything from my time shooting track side, two vacations (one to Texas and our annual trip to Hermit Island), portrait sessions, photo walks, and just goofing off with my camera.

I want to send a huge thank you to a few people who, without them, this year would have never been possible. First, my wife, Jillian. Her support keeps me going. All the members of the GRCC. We have huge plans for 2018, so stay tuned. Thank you to all my friends and family for the support. And to all the fellow shooters out there who keep me motivated and make me push myself, a huge, heartfelt thank you!

Here's to 2018. I'll see you there!